Jewellery Care

All our products are made from sterling silver and some have 18 ct gold plating on them. Due to the nature of silver after a while you may notice it tarnish slightly from exposure to natural elements.
To prevent this from happening -

  • Store your jewellery carefully in a place where there is no moisture, in a jewellery box when not wearing it.
  • After wearing we recommend cleaning the jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth.
  • Keep your jewellery separate to prevent any scratches from occurring.
  • Apply moisturisers, perfumes and any other lotions before putting on your jewellery; as this can also cause your gold vermeil jewellery to tarnish.
  • While washing hands or swimming please remove the jewellery.

We will provide services for replating the jewellery purchased at a service cost. Please contact at for assistance.